This Ronald McDonald Home Is a Contemporary House Away From Home

A loved ones with a little one in the hospital faces many problems, but housing should not be a single of them. Made by architecture company GRAFT, the Ronald McDonald Property Sankt Augustin in Sankt Augustin, Germany, was created to give a sense of local community for families in a lovely setting while their young children obtain medical care.

Almost everything about the developing, from the floor programs to the dramatic shape and framework, was designed with a “home away from home” concept in mind. It characteristics dynamic curves and is basic and vivid throughout.

The L-shaped constructing has 25 apartments for families. It was built at the top of a hill, and the back faces west, giving every unit a view of the sunset and the surrounding areas.

A long table in the spacious frequent location brings residents together, whilst a stepped ramp towards one wall serves numerous purposes, including a play place for children, a quiet operating space for adults and a stage for performances. [Photography by Tobias Hein]

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