The Spacious Modern Home within Brasilia, Brazilian

Osler Home was designed simply by Studio MK27 – Marcio Kogan & Suzana Glogowski in 2009. Situated in Brasilia, Brazilian, the home addresses an area associated with 270 m2. At first sight, this looks like 2 blocks positioned one along with the other within a perpendicular method. The home includes a modern design in its external and wall space of cement, glass, plus wood that creates an impacting effect.

Osler House 01 850x1275 A Spacious Contemporary Home in Brasilia, Brazil

Its landscapes are rich and very nicely cared for, along with verdant trees and shrubs that give color to the home and comfort on those times of intensive heat. In the center of the house, the pool invites all of us to go for the swim and luxuriate in its great water… Noises tempting, does not it?

Osler House 02 850x419 A Spacious Contemporary Home in Brasilia, Brazil
Cement construction one of the surrounding backyards
Watch of the higher block as well as its interior with the glass wall space
Swimming pool
Area of the sleeping rooms beside the pool


The first prevent holds a little terrace, quickly reached simply by external cement stairs.

Higher terrace achieved by exterior concrete stairways
Cement stairs resulting in the patio
Pool and the 2 blocks that comprise the house

The particular social locations are located within the upper prevent. There, your kitchen, living room, plus dining room discuss the same room in ideal harmony.

The particular long area, located among glass wall space, not only has got the advantage of taking pleasure in natural light during the day, but also provides us the particular privilege associated with taking in the particular views through both edges. It is also furnished with 2 cup doors that will lead to the top terrace.

Inner surface view of the home. Living-dining space, kitchen
Wooden dining area and kitchen area
Bathing room in whitened with cup door
Internal stairways

At night, the particular serene areas invite all of us to relax and promote with family and friends while experiencing the sights, both through indoors plus outdoors.

Night watch of the house
Night time view along with closed drapes

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