The Serene Whitened Spa Sheltered in the Jungles of The southern part of Sweden

This health spa, surrounded simply by green places that transfer a sense of peace and rest, was designed simply by Claesson Koivisto Rune within 2016. Situated in southern Sweden, and encircled by rich green plant life that ensures us a getaway from our daily lives, this covers an overall total area of 340 square metres.

Completely encircled by trees and shrubs and thick vegetation, it offers 2 swimming pools, a protected area for that coldest winter season days, plus another outside area for that sunny plus warm times of summer.

The particular blue crystalline color of the particular pool clashes majestically with all the green atmosphere. On top of that, the particular pool includes a large discovered terrace plus a small protected area along with furniture. Following that, the attractive landscape could be thoroughly liked while relaxing underneath the sun’s warm look.

Parquet Patterned Pool and Spa 01 850x562 A Serene White Spa Sheltered in the Forests of Southern Sweden
Beautiful watch of the hot tub from very far, hidden within the green landscapes
Parquet Patterned Pool and Spa 02 850x562 A Serene White Spa Sheltered in the Forests of Southern Sweden
Blue-turquoise pool along with white ceramic tiles


See of the swimming pool; in the history, the protected area along with furniture
Blue-turquoise swimming pool and whitened ceramic floor tile
Protected area along with wood flooring

Throughout the colder times of winter, we are able to take full advantage of the particular indoors swimming pool. Through brownish glass wall space, we reach the area that will “hides” the particular pool. The water, the calm blue-turquoise, stands out on the white ceramic tile that will covers the inside. This dyes effect transfers peace plus relaxation, exactly the elements the occupants look for.

Covered swimming pool with dark brown glass doorways

To one part of the interior pool, we are able to find a spa and a bathing area, one last component to an excellent day rest.

Sauna along with brown cup doors

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