The Seafood Cafe Newly Refurbished in Babahoyo, Ecuador

Located in the town of Babahoyo—in the Ecuadorian province Sobre los Ríos, an area by which fishing is among the most effective economic actions and is performed by the inhabitants—this eating place, having offered this type of meals for over 20 years, sought in order to expand the business and provide its customers better program. Therefore , these people made the decision to purchase the purchase of the business property and refurbish it.

The particular project has been undertaken making use of local labour and in-situ construction. The particular wood, that was the materials used in the particular fishing city for years, can also be the repeating material utilized throughout the remodelling. The lack of walls within the restaurant enables the areas to come jointly, thus being a part of the present urban atmosphere.

Its restoration was directed by the system firm Natura Futura Arquitectura. Jose Fernando Gómez, the particular lead builder for the task, managed to provide the space the family-friendly factor, thinking forward for whenever families would require a frenzymadness, desperation, hysteria, mania, insanity, delirium, derangement. He got into account, too, the fact that the particular restaurant alone is located in the residential part of the city.

Whatever the locale from the restaurant’s restoration, this organization demonstrates task management completed to suit the architect’s vision properly.

Urban Restaurant La Pesca 03 850x567 A Seafood Restaurant Newly Renovated in Babahoyo, Ecuador
View from the locale within the ground flooring section of the residential developing
Urban Restaurant La Pesca 04 850x478 A Seafood Restaurant Newly Renovated in Babahoyo, Ecuador
Aspect view from the establishment
Inner surface view from the wooden roof
Look at of the wood furniture
Kitchen available to the public in particular


Internal view from the establishment throughout evening hrs
Nocturnal watch of the eating place

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