The Rustic Contemporary Hotel within the Forests associated with Yelapa, South america

If you happen to be considered a daring individual who also prefers adventure, this particular hotel is going to be completely want. Embedded within thick plant life, surrounded simply by mountains, plus accompanied by a lovely lake that will rests in its foot, this location is definitely the fantastic dream pertaining to nature fans.

Heinz Legler expands modular tree top V house in Mexico 01 A Rustic Modern Hotel in the Forests of Yelapa, Mexico
View from the huts inlayed into the solid vegetation

It was built among the woodland canopy associated with Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico, within 2007, as well as construction required only 4 weeks. This rustic-modern aesthetic resort was designed simply by Heinz Legler, who utilized to own a movie set building, and Veronique Lievre, earlier a set designer from Paris, france. They began this task as their individual hideaway, yet ended up with the 5-acre resort property with the infinity swimming pool, a health spa, restaurants, the yoga shelter, and 8 guest areas.

Heinz Legler expands modular tree top V house in Mexico 02 A Rustic Modern Hotel in the Forests of Yelapa, Mexico
Detailed watch of the huts that is very much born in the mountains

A recent enlargement led to the particular construction from the V Homes, which contain 5 models that are true steel-structured systems, using wooden as metal cladding. The design alone is focused in the experience of the particular spectacular sights that are observed from that will h7 Additionally , each of the areas is coupled to the next via floating wood walkways. The road is encircled by plentiful tropical leaves and, following that, a close by bay is visible.

Cabins along with areas to savor the sights
Cabin rentals with places to enjoy the particular views
Cabins along with areas to relish the sights
Leisure areas, terraces, swimming pools, and so forth


Recreational places, terraces, pools, etc .
Terraces along with wonderful sights to the hills and the river
Terraces with great views towards the mountains as well as the lake
Interior from the cabin
Interior that will integrates completely to the location
Night time view from the cabins

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