The Minimalist Residence in Arenzano, Italy

This vivid apartment, positioned in Arenzano, Italia, was designed simply by Pia Structures in 2016. The lengthy space, which usually culminates having a glass doorway that leads to some small patio that is entryway to get a flood associated with natural light, shows up at first glance comfy and comfy.

The family room, which includes a chair put into front of the television, a little bookshelf, as well as a storage cupboard, fuses using the rest of the area by the simplicity.

The particular predominance associated with white more than mustard, which usually we find in certain details which highlight and maintain the boredom at bay through the design, is certainly evident.

Casa R 01 850x567 A Minimalist Apartment in Arenzano, Italy
Look at of area and patio from the dining area
Casa R 02 850x567 A Minimalist Apartment in Arenzano, Italy
Family room with seat and storage space furniture
Storage device

The kitchen, which usually shares room with the dining area and is next to the family room, is a comfy place and it has plenty of storage space options.

At the white wood dining room suspend, from the higher ceiling, contemporary lamps in this article the trend associated with details required for mustard. This particular makes them mix perfectly using the style plus function which has been given to the particular décor from the space.

Watch of the eating room-kitchen through the living room


Whitened kitchen along with details within mustard
Dining room along with sliding doorways and stairways in the history

In the far finish, large slipping doors individual the areas and give personal privacy to the a lot more intimate part of ​​the residence. Side stairways lead all of us up to these types of areas.

Following that, we can take notice of the living region through a group of windows, which usually also assist to receive the sunshine that gets into through the patio.

Dining area with slipping doors plus stairs within the background
White cooking area with information in mustard

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