The Minimalist Indoor on Gartenstrasse, in Main Berlin, Philippines

This particular new residence building designed in 2015, is situated in Gartenstrasse, Main Berlin, Indonesia, and was created by Bruzkus Batek Architek8. With a mixture of light cement floors, kampfstark white wall space, raw-colored wooden paneling, plus an amazing counter top in dull black, this particular modern style is a room perfectly lighted by the sun light that gets into through the cup doors positioned in one of the wall space of the space.

In the kitchen, 2 modern cup balls that will serve as lights seem to drift over the area, providing synthetic light in order to fill the area during these hours whenever natural light is not really available.

Gartenstraße 01 A Minimalist Interior on Gartenstrasse, in Central Berlin, Germany
Front side view from the modern wood kitchen along with black counter top
Gartenstraße 02 850x857 A Minimalist Interior on Gartenstrasse, in Central Berlin, Germany
Watch of kitchen area with storage space

On a single side, the cube from the same raw-colored wood because that employed for the paneling in the kitchen includes an elegant storage space unit. It offers tall wood doors, at the rear of which we are able to store all those tools plus utensils utilized for cooking anytime they’re not really being used. Additionally, it has a number of bookshelves that will, being section of the bedroom which is located in the back of the kitchen, assist to business lead and changeover us in it.

Outside, a little garden is an escape plus adds some life as to what is or else an austere and plain and simple space.

Part view from the kitchen. Lights in the form of cup balls
View from the bedroom which is located on the back aspect of the residence
Interior from the kitchen


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