The following Generation simply by Egg Group

Egg Group has a fantastic line of style. While searching through their own work I actually couldn’t assist but believe “this could be the next generation”, the next era of collectable furniture plus design. I had seen conversations with middle century enthusiasts where these people talk about “what and who may be going to be the following collectable”. The product quality and type of these items makes myself think of high quality that will final decades. The particular PETE & NORA GROUND LAMP as well as the HOWARD COUCH are easily my personal favorite pieces within their collection.

“Egg Group is a Brand new York-based style company founded in 2011 simply by 3 women designers — Stephanie Beamer, Crystal Ellis, and Hillary Petrie. Tugging from its founders’ backgrounds within architecture, ar2rk, and woodworking, the company generates exquisitely designed furniture plus lighting. All Egg Collective’s work is created in its personal wood store and in cooperation with a local community of modest fabricators. ”

Egg Collective modern furniture furniture design egg4 egg5 egg6 egg7 egg8 egg9 egg10 egg11

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