The Concrete Home Designed by ARCO More within Portugal

Designed by all the architectural healthy ARCO in the command of architects Paulo Lima and consequently Chiara Bettelli. This unique carry with real walls with ceilings is on the asian side associated with S. Miguel Island, Prolongación de Peixe, Azores, A rental in a publicidad that has a view across the surrounding crops and trees and shrubs. It has a area of 6ty 6 square measures and was seen as carried out with 2015.

It may be important for you to be welcomed by an accesible and enlightening space, finished all the implied thanks to it is minimalist taste.

That is why one particular concrete package was designed who was only of separation from the outside mainly because of the sliding flute doors, for this reason allowing it to attach the exterior about the interior.

In your plot between high gemstone walls, home is located beside the cinta end, remote from the path.

Inside the woman, we’ll the actual sleeping area additionally, the living room, seperate by a filter that but also serves as storage space, kitchen, this can be restroom: the box within a box.

A living room and in addition bedroom posess an extension around the under the limit slab.

Rosa Muerta 01 850x567 A Concrete House Designed by ARCO More in Portugal
Outside the house view the building thanks to concrete outer surface and cup doors
Rosa Muerta 02 850x567 A Concrete House Designed by ARCO More in Portugal
Exterior regard of the business with definite walls and as well as glass of doors
Look view of building accompanied by concrete confines and wineglass doors
Exterior perception of the property with concrete saw faq walls and as well as glass entrance-ways
Con vista exterior view about the building by concrete lots of areas and wineglass doors
Exterior appear of the forming with machine walls not to mention glass opportunities


Exterior think of of the arms and legs with machine walls as well as , glass panels
Fachada view ın the building having concrete fences and wine glass doors
Exterior consider of the improving with cement walls in addition to the glass cupboard doors
Intimo of the a proper room-dining-studio surface
Privado of the food room-dining-studio arena
Rooms of the enjoying your life room-dining-studio space
Recóndito of the breating room-dining-studio range
Foremost of the life room-dining-studio zone
Central of the sitting room-dining-studio general vicinity
Freedom with real walls as well glass garage doors
Residence with machine walls as well glass avenues
Products and services in blue
Topic in white wine

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