The Colorful Personal Clinic Which will Brighten Children’s Visits

This vibrant project can be part of a little private center that has been created by architecture company PATSIOS Structures + Building in 2016. It is situated in Tsimiski, Thessaloniki, Greece and it has an area associated with 55 sq . meters.

The spaces are actually decorated in a really specific method. It has been filled up with colors to create joy and also to attract the interest of the youthful people who move there.

As soon as inside, we are greeted with a space along with white wall space and wood floors, in addition to purple home furniture that is certain to attract the attention. Right now there, small Televisions were positioned strategically to make sure visiting youngsters are never fed up.

PUPILO 01 850x505 A Colorful Private Clinic That Will Brighten Children’s Visits
Entrance towards the clinic along with furniture within bright colours.
PUPILO 02 850x576 A Colorful Private Clinic That Will Brighten Children’s Visits
Blue chairs
Coloured blinds separate the areas

Within the next space plus separated with a series of vividly-colored “blinds”, we will find the wedding reception. A whitened desk is certainly accompanied by chair, and just before that we can easily see a actively playing area which will delight the kids. A small, circular table continues to be placed in the middle, complete with coloured pencils as well as other useful components.

Off to 1 side, there exists a shelf filled up with educational playthings that are certain to make them overlook where these are, as well as assist them appreciate their healthcare visit.

There is absolutely no doubt this is a great effort that will help create routine healthcare checks more pleasurable for kids.

Reception, mainly white


Playing region
Actively playing area
Colored window blinds divide the particular spaces
Waiting area with seats in shiny colors
Waiting around room along with chairs within bright colours

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