The Bright plus Luminous House in the Prague District associated with Mala Stranica

This penthouse situated in the area of Equivocada Strana, within Prague, Czech Republic, had been completely changed by Daniele Federico Melilli from Best Pads within 2017.

In the cozy plus warm inside, the supports of heavy and traditional wood that will cross the particular ceiling laterally stand out towards their white-colored background, offering a unique contact to the whole space.

The particular apartment’s V-shaped ceiling is certainly pierced simply by multiple bvnvbn, allowing each one of the rooms in order to flood along with natural light, allowing every sq . meter of the house life plus joy.

Gentle wood flooring contrast using the white wall space, and give extravagance and clearness to the room.

Each of the areas that type part of the residence, despite becoming small, possess a touch great taste. All of the little information have been looked after, and the house has been embellished in a basic way minus overloading the particular atmosphere, which usually shows that often, less much more.

Apartment in Mala Strana 01 850x1275 A Bright and Luminous Apartment in the Prague District of Mala Strana
Living room along with small couch and farmhouse tables
Apartment in Mala Strana 02 850x567 A Bright and Luminous Apartment in the Prague District of Mala Strana

Your kitchen is done within mint eco-friendly, which gives this an well-ventilated quality.

Kitchen area in pale colors along with wooden supports
Gentle white plus green cooking area
Look at of the bed room from the entry and for the dining room

The dining area, strategically placed directly under the skylight, receives sun light which floods the space, plus invites all of us to enjoy this in the company of family members

Dining room beneath the skylight


Within the bedroom, we have been met along with pastel colours once again, on this occasion in the materials used. Smooth colors rule, inviting all of us to relax and rest and what is an extremely cozy room.

Bedroom along with bed within pastel colours
White-colored bathroom along with skylight

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