TA Dumbleton Architect Designs a House in the Hamptons, New York

Located in Bridgehampton, in the Hamptons, New York, USA, this impressive construction was designed by TA Dumbleton Architect. Surrounded by trees and green gardens that give privacy and create a relaxing atmosphere, this house designed as half-barn and half-loft combines both features perfectly, and makes a space where energy flows through it in a natural way.

WE Guest House 01 850x524 TA Dumbleton Architect Designs a House in the Hamptons, New York
Close-up of the house and its gardens
WE Guest House 02 850x566 TA Dumbleton Architect Designs a House in the Hamptons, New York
View of the glass wall that overlooks the garden
Swimming pool surrounded by green
Elevated view of the living room, with the glass wall at the far end

The spacious living room-dining room, with high ceilings and glass walls that allow light to fill the space, make it attractive and pleasing to the senses.

The green of the plants placed in the interior is combined with the green of the trees that, from the garden, seem to spy on the interior of the home through the glass walls and windows.

A soft sofa invites us to enjoy wonderful views of the outside from a warm seat by the fireplace.

Cozy living room with fireplace and high glass wall overlooking the garden
View from the living room to the dining room


A simple dining table and chairs of aged wood accompany the living room table.

Beautiful close-up of the dining room

The spectacular bedroom, located under a beautiful wooden ceiling that seems to float over it, looks cozy despite its size, and the glass wall floods the bed with sunlight.

Beautiful bedroom with wooden ceiling and glass wall

The second bedroom is full of light, and the green of the outside vegetation seeps indoors.

Bedroom with glass wall, fireplace and tub

In the evenings, the light of the house flows out to the garden through the numerous glass walls that set the boundaries of the home, creating a magical atmosphere.

Night view from the garden. Internal lights are visible

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