Strimling House simply by Ray Kappe

Ray Kappe’s Strimling Home is currently out there. I have observed pictures from the stunning middle century house before however it was the particular interiors. The particular exteriors plus landscaping associated with house very much more spectacular. I love how the house had been photographed using what appears to be the particular owners personal furnishings. OKAY, here will go my rant again. Image this house staged along with generic contemporary furniture through Target or even some other string, it would spoil the listing. The primary living region, images a single through 4 are just concerning the perfect MCM room. The home is upon almost a complete acre associated with wooded property in Encino California. I actually envy the one who gets to reside here.

Ray Kappe Kappe architecture mid century mid century modern house MCM house STRIMLING6 STRIMLING7 STRIMLING8 STRIMLING9 STRIMLING10

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