Spruce Residence by Biber

The Spruce residence by Biber is a pretty incredible house. “In the 1950s and 1960s, a group of young Ann Arbor modernists built dozens of homes in the suburbs surrounding the University of Michigan. The Spruce House, built by local architect Ted Smith in 1959-60 for his family, was part of this trend.” The owners collection of mid century and danish art and furnishings is oh so nice. I can’t help but think living in this home would be like living away from the hustle and bustle because of the old growth surrounding the house. The interiors are a little dark but maybe they aren’t that dark in real life.

“In order to create a contemporary space, the floor plan of the house was completely rearranged, but within its structural limits. The Spruce House now has 2 offices and a terrace on the roof (an addition to the original 2 story house); a living and dining room, kitchen, pantry and bedroom on the first floor; and, in what was previously the garage, den and mechanical area, a master suite with a bedroom, large master bath and gym on the ground floor. The original 4 tiny bedrooms, all located on the main floor, were transformed into a large kitchen pantry, a light filled open stairway and a home theater. On the ground floor, the backyard was excavated to provide light for the master suite and to create a private terrace.”

When you read about all that was done to this home, you can’t help but to be impressed with the quality of work.

Spruce Residence mid century modern house Spruce3 Spruce4 mid century modern house Spruce Residence Spruce7 mid century modern house Spruce9 mid century modern house


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