Spacious Rooms Full of Light and Good Taste that Will Amaze You

This wonderful house with ample spaces filled with light and good taste has been designed by Jeravej Hongsakul, Eakgaluk Sirijariyawat, and Rubporn Sookatub, who form part of the team at the architectural studio IDIN Architects. The home is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and was completed in 2014.

Exterior view of the modern construction

Side view of modern white construction

It covers 470 square meters, in which wonderful environments have been created, dominated by wood, glass, and a great influence of white, creating a decorative contrast that is simply spectacular.

The main common area of ​​this house is the dining room, which can also be used as a work area. The area is enclosed and connected to the terrace, and features double height ceilings for the family room on the upper floor, which also connects to the outdoor terrace. Such an open concept makes it so that everyone is in the house at all times.

Spacious interior full of natural light

Large interior with glass walls

The skylight above the entrance hall allows natural light to flood the space, as well as the stairs that lead to the master bedroom on the second floor and the room and nursery on the third floor. The master bedroom has a private staircase and is on the ground floor (second floor) and the bedroom is on the top floor (third floor).

Modern TV room with wooden floors and furniture

TV room with glass walls

Terrace of the TV area

Dining room in wood with glass walls

Dining room with high ceilings and glass and wooden walls

Modern wooden stairs and glass railings

Wooden floors and glass walls

Modern and elegant wooden stairs

Study area with wooden table and library

Interior area with wooden floors

Dining room and kitchens in a modern style

Large bathroom with wooden floors and black countertop

Internal view from the garden area

Exterior night view

Modern structure at night

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