Sophisticated Apartment Looking over the Lake in Taipei Designed by LCGA Diseño

Designed by the particular architectural business LCGA Diseño, this residence covering the of 136 square metres is located in Taipei City, Taiwan. From the patio located in the far finish of the family room we can see the particular wonderful sights over the Tamsui River.

Within the vast residing room/dining area we notice an vehement use of the colour black in conjunction with white, making the space seem sober plus, at the same time, stylish.

With wood floors plus modern furniture, the space shows a tranquility that enamors the detects.

The dining area, in a contemporary style along with wood plus metal, provides the perfect environment for family events. Beautiful dark lamps suspend over the table, making a light impact that is fascinating at night time.

The kitchen, divided from the eating room/living area by a cup wall composed of 4 linens that near and open up like an accordion, is hence granted some independence.

Apartment overlooking the river in Taipei 01 850x1275 Elegant Apartment Overlooking the River in Taipei Designed by LCGA Diseño
Entry, black doorway
Apartment overlooking the river in Taipei 02 850x566 Elegant Apartment Overlooking the River in Taipei Designed by LCGA Diseño
Dressed wall
View from the living room from your entrance
Dining room observed from inside the cooking area
Look at of the family room. At the significantly end, the particular terrace along with view towards the river
TV region


View from the dining room in the living room
Living room along with leather couch
Dining room. Cooking area at the much end
Dining room. Kitchen area at the much end

In the sleeping rooms we observe once again the particular sober decorating scheme, where all of us see a special style that will represents the folks that reside there. With the bedrooms in the far finish, hidden among shelves plus books, we discover the small doorway that requires us towards the bathroom.

Bed room with earthen tones
Bedroom along with earthen shades
Bed room with bookshelf
Door towards the bathroom concealed by the bookshelf

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