Robert Maschke Designers Design just a little Big Home in Cleveland

If we look into the exterior of the home, the very first things to visit our interest are the outlines of its contemporary style as well as the materials away from which it really is built – black stucco concrete, steel, and cup. But it does not end generally there. In its indoor, the decor follows exactly the same modern motivation as the outside. The family room is large and generously illuminated, along with white wall space and open windows that will allow sun light to penetrate the areas, giving the particular indoors an association to the outside. Its contemporary and smart kitchen room creates a solid contrast among rich, darkish wood plus white counter tops and chair. The Little_BIG house is situated in Cleveland, Kansas, USA, in a Italian community, and was created by Robert Maschke Designers in 2016.

Modern structures house within concrete
Outside watch of the contemporary house
Spacious plus comfortable family room with a club area plus a chaise-lounge couch

An ideal illumination design is present out of all spaces, made out of various various kinds of lightbulbs which will flawlessly change natural light throughout the nighttime.

Family room, dining room, plus kitchen within the same room
Family room, dining room, plus kitchen along with wooden wall space
Family room with an inside balcony


The inside is completely bathed within the natural light that will flows within through the home windows, and its whitened walls plus neutral-tone favorite give it a classy touch. The particular white-railed stairs and wood floors make an elegant conversation that links the levels and provides the transition space a contemporary feel.

Inside wooden stairs with a wonderful railing
Wooden stairways with metallic railing
Modern stairways
White wall space and wood stairs
Modern home windows
Whitened staircase railing
Upper watch from the stairways
Wood stairs along with views from your top
End from the wooden stairs

The particular minimalist decor in the rooms on the 2nd floor, showered in sun light from the home windows, continue to stick to this easy but classy pattern. Chilly tones keep up with the relaxed plus fluid atmosphere, which comes after into a restroom made generally of marbled with reinforced glass doorways.

View from the bedrooms via glass doorways
Master suite with see of the marbled bathroom
Modern restroom with white-colored and grey marble

The structure’s modern outdoor and unique style allow it to be stand out from the neighbors, making a home because unique as the owners.

Look at from the back garden through cup doors
View from your exterior along with beautiful landscape designs
Watch of the major entrance

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