Reuters Headquarters By 16k Architectes

16k Architectes have refurbished the Reuters Headquarters in Paris employing HI-MACS® to generate a series of curvaceous seating locations.



Situated in Paris, in a splendid Haussmann developing, the Reuters headquarters has undergone full refurbishment of its lobby, reception, board room, cafeteria, restaurant and central indoor garden, which was carried out by the French studio 16k architectes.

Specialising in the outfitting, refurbishing and conversion of workplace spaces, head offices and company restaurants, this group of architects aimed right here at generating higher-efficiency communal regions, with the use of extended-lasting, tough-wearing materials, notably resistant to fire, but also innovative, in terms of their pliability and styling.

A need to-have for architects and interior designers, HI-MACS® was after once again the option material for the implementation of this prestigious Parisian undertaking. This material in fact boasts a host of qualities, both aesthetic and technical and it was therefore used right here to create the reception desk and the pods producing up the waiting area.

A single of the main needs for this undertaking was the use of durable material which was especially fire resistant, in order to comply with the applicable security laws. HI-MACS® and its M1 classification – non flammable – complied with this requirement perfectly.

The architects have been also taken with its thermoformability and consequently its capability to develop the most unique shapes. The pods function voluptuous and soft shapes, all rounded, providing the waiting location a sense of conviviality. Without a doubt, HI-MACS® is excellent for a lobby or waiting area in which one particular is forced to pass the time, because it is a warm and silky smooth materials, which is really pleasant to touch and therefore extremely appealing. The architects picked the colour white offered by HI-MACS®, due to its light refraction high quality, which can make the venue considerably brighter.

These numerous qualities make this Sound Surface the perfect materials for outfitting the sophisticated settings of this Haussmann developing, especially the reception lobby and transit zones. Featuring an Oriental and exotic type with 1930s inspiration, the vegetation is imposing here, with a massive quantity of palm trees which type a single complete with the pods created of HI-MACS®. This makes for a genuine landscape effect which opens up new perspectives and new movements in room.

Architects: 16k architectes
Photographer: 2SW
Material: HI-MACS®

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