Retro Apartment in Stockholm

This retro apartment in Stockholm was sent to me by Designer and Illustrator Jakob Westman. They recently got done refurbishing their 60’s apartment and I have to say I like the vibe. I typically am not into kitch or retro but their is a great balance of mid century and retro in these interiors. The comic book vide is very cool, I appreciate the artists behind these pieces. I think my favorite photos is the first one. I love that credenza matched with the “shinning” hotel inspired carpet, simply rad. But back to that credenza, the legs are a work of art! Jakob, nice work, I can feel that it is yours, it has your personality. GREAT JOB! and thanks for sharing.

Retro Apartment Stockholm2 Stockholm3 Stockholm4 Stockholm5 Stockholm6 Stockholm7 Retro Apartment Stockholm9 Stockholm10

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