Reimagined Eichler in San Jose

This reimagined Eichler in San Jose California looks to have had some serious additions/changes. To hear that something has been reimagined can conjure up some interesting thoughts. I do like this house but do not care for the contemporary vibe it is giving off. If it were mine I would ditch the chartreuse and get some warmth going by adding some Danish pieces. I very much appreciate all of the wood paneling that was preserved. The huge tree in the back yard mixed with he wall of bamboo is beautiful. What looks to be the center part of the house has some stunning high ceilings that give that space some impressive volume.

Eichler1 Eichler2 Eichler House Reimagined Eichler Eichler House Eichler6 Eichler7 Reimagined Eichler Eichler House Eichler10 Eichler11

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