Recording studio Granda Makes a Contemporary Grass House within Reyjkavik, Iceland

There are certainly projects plus ideas that will hook all of us and captivate us through the start… this really is one of them. Using a building section of only 68 m2, this particular house created by Studio Granda, and situated in Reykjavik, Iceland, has the capacity to gravel us.

The house is a modern interpretation from the traditional Icelandic turf home, encrusted in between piles associated with grass-covered planet, perfectly protected by nature. The house itself seems like a extension of the 2 lines developed by these small hills, in order that it becomes a section of the landscape, linking the 2 formations.

Garour Landhouse 01 850x567 Studio Granda Creates a Contemporary Turf House in Reyjkavik, Iceland
The house noticed from the range looks inlayed in the scenery
Garour Landhouse 02 850x567 Studio Granda Creates a Contemporary Turf House in Reyjkavik, Iceland
The top of the house appears to become a link by which we are able to move in one side towards the other

Let’s keep on. The home’s walls, exactly where not included in earth, are usually completely made from glass, meaning that we can simply look through home and enjoy the particular wonderful scenery that encompases it.

Front side view of the home. Through the glass wall space we can see the particular landscape within the distance

Already within, the small room is embellished simply, inside a style which is austere yet comfortable. The granite flooring, its wood walls, as well as concrete roof give a non-urban aspect to some space which is characterized by the particular muted shades of its internal.

The area shared by small living-dining room-kitchen will be open plus, despite getting reduced, the particular glass wall space make the sights the best best friend to give all of us a sense of room.

View from the dining room as well as the landscape with the glass wall space


Evening view of the home between the hillsides

At night, observed in the distance, the particular unparalleled building, located in the center of nowhere plus illuminated from the inside, looks like some thing out of an account.

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