Quaint English Cottage Will get a Modern Kitchen Addition

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When kitchen designer Alex Saint of Kitchen Architecture approached the undertaking of adding a modern kitchen to an 18th-century thatched-roof cottage in Cheshire, England, he did so with the residence’s historic integrity in mind.

As an alternative of attempting to replicate the house’s century-old brickwork, the architect made the decision to construct a glassed-in kitchen addition that would minimize structural adjustments and protect the property’s character.

Double-glazed glass walls and ceiling aid to control the temperature in the cooler months when the sun shines, the house owners open the total-length sliding doors to allow in fresh air. The floor matches the stone terrace precisely, creating a smooth transition in between the residence’s outdoor and indoor spaces.

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A spacious foyer now occupies the internet site of the previous kitchen. The new kitchen’s entryway — an opened-up outer wall that was the only structural adjust to the home — gives sunny views of the backyard and carriage property.

Generating the addition completely from glass presented a couple of structural problems. “We had to be genuinely cautious about how we planned the layout of the kitchen, so that in the end we didn’t need to have to fix anything at all high up,” says Saint. A reduced stabilizing wall runs close to 3 sides of the addition.

The kitchen was outfitted with bulthaup cabinetry in soft matte white, an ergonomic raised dishwasher, a total-height refrigerator and ample storage. Track lights and subtle uplighting maintain the space illuminated at night.

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