Progressive Skylight Brings ‘Sun’ Into Any Room


What if you could add a skylight to your basement or any other area that could use a slice of sunlight? Thanks to CoeLux, that is now a possibility. The award-winning lighting program makes use of nanotechnology to reproduce the look of sunlight in a way that is amazingly sensible. That is appropriate — what you’re seeing in these photographs is artificial light.

The Italian organization of the identical name offers 3 versions of the fixtures primarily based on the angle at which the LED light hits the room. The CoeLux 60 mimics the direct sunlight located in the tropics the 45 replicates the balanced light of the Mediterranean sun and the 30 is a wall “window” that produces the warmer, more lateral light discovered in Nordic nations.


CoeLux is a analysis undertaking spun off from Insubria University in Como, Italy, and funded by the European Union. “Science and engineering, like ar2rk, permit us to reproduce actuality, placing on stage the laws that we believe are appropriate in nature,” says founder and CEO Paolo Di Trapani, a professor at the university.

In addition to brightening properties, CoeLux has many applications in business architecture think about the prospects in parking garages, subway programs, museums, hospitals, apartment buildings and purchasing malls, for example. Which area in your residence would you like to lighten up?

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