Pick of the Litter: 40 Modern Pet Products for the Design Fanatic

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If you’; re a design purist, the everyday dog bowl or cat scratcher doesn’; t work in your modernist home. But wait till you see this roundup of some of the most gorgeous and innovative modern pet products. They mix 2 of your favorite things: good modern design and your favorite furry (or feathered) friend.

Modern pet bowls

modern pet bowls - freshome.com

The Pet Lounge Curved Double Diner is made from contemporary white acrylic, $ 69.

modern cat feeding bowls - freshome.com

An Asian zen dining table for kitty by ViviPet, $ 60, including a spot for fresh catnip.

contemporary pet products and modern pet bowls - freshome.com

This pet wall feeder looks like it floats and can be hung at the best height for your dog or cat. Image: MDeluxe

modern pet products - freshome.com

Fell Pet makes modern pet products with a colorful twist, like this HiLo Duo Pet Feeder available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $ 27.

Cool cat scratchers

SucK UK cool turntable cat scratcher - freshome.com

Turn cat scratch fever into Saturday Night Fever with the Suck UK cat scratcher on Amazon, $ 27. Image: suck UK

mid century modern pet products - freshome.com

Here’; s a mid-century modern furniture piece your cat is welcome to dig into. At Modernist Cat for $ 480.

modern cat products - freshome.com

This multipurpose cardboard cat scratcher is also a lounge. Available at Style Tails for approximately $ 62.

In the (modern) dog house

modern dog houses - freshome.com

A mid-century modern dog house that deserves to be showcased. Fuora Flat Pack Dog House at Ultra Modern Pet, $ 400-$ 550.

modern dog house - freshome.com

A contemporary wood chalet for your best friend by Forma Italia, $ 2, 350.

midcentury modern dog houses - freshome.com

A mid-century modern doghouse you’; d want to live in, too. Order yours from architects Alejandro and Sara Pijuan at PDW.

modern dog house ideas - freshome.com

Rah Design will create a custom architectural work of art, complete with your dog’; s name on the front door, for $ 3, 650, like the model shown.

For the birds

modern bird cage - freshome.com

A clear, minimalist and contemporary Bird Habitat by Bergan, $ 73.

contemporary bird cage - freshome.com

The Rocking Bird Cage by Chimere is for the avant garde design fan (and their birds).

contemporary bird houses - freshome.com

One part table, one part bird habitat and one part contemporary masterpiece, Architect Gregoire de Lafforest’; s Archibird is available by special order at Galerie Gosserez Paris.

Small space modern cat perches and activities

wall mounted cat towers - freshome.com

If you’; re cramped for space, wall mount a cubist-style Catissa Pet Tower, approximately $ 520.

modern cat beds - freshome.com

Create a warm and cozy spot for your favorite feline by hanging a Bamboo Cat Furniture Radiator Bed, $ 38.

modern pet furniture - freshome.com

Cats (and dogs) love nooks. The Librato Divider by Petsmood is not only a modern multi-level pet nook, it also works as a cool room divider for lofts or open spaces.

Modern cat trees - freshome.com

Stack a set or 2 of the Katris Modular Cat Tree, $ 197 and up, to create a modern geometric cat perch. Customize further by painting it.

window cat lounge - freshome.com

Turn a window into a kitty lounge for the ultimate bird watching experience with the EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill, $ 17.

modern cat perches - freshome.com

Catastrophic Creation’; s Cat Perch for $ 158 will turn an ordinary wall into a contemporary entertainment center.

modern pet furniture - freshome.com

A minimalist design cat exercise wheel by One Fast Cat, $ 199, that’; s available in several colors.

Modern pet beds and lounges

modern pet beds and modern pet products - freshome.com

Tired of sharing your sofa? Get your dogs or cats their own, like this Keira Pet Bed in blue or grey velvet, $ 255.

mid century modern pet bed - freshome.com

Chimere Paris offers the Ccc 01 pet bed in a selection of fabrics and sizes.

modern cat bed - freshome.com

Meyou Paris offers the Cat Ball in several colors and a metal base for approximately $ 244 at Style Tails.

pet hideaways - freshome.com

The Kokon Kennel is a pet hideaway that doubles as a decorative planter.

contemporary pet bed - freshome.com

Forma Italia’; s Suite Collection pet bed can sit on the floor on short metal legs, or hang from the ceiling (shown) as a pet bed.

modern pet bed - freshome.com

Raw steel creates an edgy, contemporary pet bed called Atomo by Pet Superfine.

modern cat box - freshome.com

A cozy modern cat box called Nest by Belgian company Krab, approximately $ 163.

cat beds - freshome.com

This is literally a cat bed for your cat by Guisapet, $ 175.

modern pet products - freshome.com

A beautifully curved plywood in a modern Bauhaus style by Covo, $ 580, softens the sharp contemporary lines of a room.

modern design pet products - freshome.com

A curved, exotic zebra wood design by Pet Superfine for those looking for a mid-century modern pet bed.

bark and miao - freshome.com

Bark and Miao decided that humans shouldn’; t have all the fun.

cat hammock - freshome.com

Architectural firm Case Real in Japan created a cat hammock coffee table that serves 2 functions beautifully for space-challenged situations.

Modern litter box

cool litter boxes - freshome.com

The Modkat Litter Box for $ 95 has a cool contemporary design, also comes in fun colors like orange or grey and prevents tracking of kitty litter.

modern design kitty litter box - freshome.com

The Grand Poobox, $ 68, combines functionality with modern design.

litter trays - freshome.com

SinDesign created the egg-shaped litter box, $ 80.

Modern pet products for your fish

modern betta fish aquariums - freshome.com

Umbra’; s contemporary Fish Hotel is $ 40 and works with nearly any modern decor.

modern fish tank - freshome.com

Available in black or white and several sizes starting at $ 132 by biOrb.

modern fish tank - freshome.com

Hagen creates beautiful modern fluval-edged tanks in several sizes and colors, starting at $ 83 for a 5-gallon size.

modern terrariums - freshome.com

A striking work of art designed to be a terrarium or fish tank by Parisian company Chimere.

What’; s your favorite in this roundup of modern pet products?

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