Pasel Kuenzel Architects Design a Luminous Home in holland

This particular gorgeous 25 and eighty square-meter home was designed simply by Pasel Kuenzel Architects within 2016, and it is located in holland. From the initial moment that people lay eye upon this particular house, we are able to observe the style and design, which usually calls for our own attention instantly. It appears to be placed in between 2 other structures; however , in the interior, that will sensation goes away entirely.

It offers bright areas and thoroughly clean wood flooring, accompanied by white-colored walls as well as a great number associated with windows plus glass wall space that allows sun light to enter plus illuminate the inside, giving it a breathing of lifetime and a a sense of spaciousness.

Having a consistent utilization of wood both in black and white, each of its areas becomes proclaimed by the exact same tendency.

V12K03 01 850x850 Pasel Kuenzel Architects Design a Luminous Home in the Netherlands
Anterior view of the home with the sections closed
V12K03 02 850x850 Pasel Kuenzel Architects Design a Luminous Home in the Netherlands
Frontal watch of the house with all the panels opened up

The particular wide plus modern kitchen area connects straight with the garden through cup walls, which usually allow us to choose whether we would like to enjoy the meals outdoors or indoors.

Posterior look at of the house where the kitchen is visible

The light wooden stairs consider us towards the second ground of the construction. There, the top glass wall structure is included in a sort of wooden paneling, the particular setting which can be moved depending on the quantity of privacy every individual seeks.

Across the length of the hall, there are a number associated with sliding doorways that type a part of the particular storage space.

Stairways and hall that lead to the particular bedrooms


Within each of these areas, the common function would be the broad doors plus glass windows that will allow sun light to circulation into the areas.

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