one: 1 Arquitetura Design Produces a Contemporary House with Solid Character within Brasilia, Brazilian

Constructed on down hill terrain, could be and classy house is certainly kept well-illuminated thanks to the glass wall space. Designed by one: 1 Arquitetura Design within 2016, this particular small house sits from 123 metres squared and it is located in Brasilia, Federal Area, Brazil.

The perforated packet walls provide fresh air towards the house, letting it flow openly throughout the house. Meanwhile, the style allows sun light to get into throughout the day, causing a uniquely comfy interior.

Casa Clara 01 850x567 1:1 Arquitetura Design Creates a Contemporary Home with Strong Character in Brasilia, Brazil
Outside view of the home
Casa Clara 02 850x567 1:1 Arquitetura Design Creates a Contemporary Home with Strong Character in Brasilia, Brazil
See of the inner surface from the external, through the cup doors


Wall structure with permeated bricks
Details in the brick wall space

The interior will be marked with a retro design in its favorite. In the family room, a cream-colored sofa stocks the space along with wooden armchairs, all located in front from the TV region. It all all fits in place to give all of us a great place to relax and crystal clear our thoughts.

Living room along with wooden furnishings
Living room along with TV region
Family room with retro-style furniture

The kitchen, a little space situated in the center, is usually complemented with the black home furniture, as well as the rock countertop filled with caramel-colored leather-based chairs. All this comes together attractively to give the area its own identity.

Kitchen area, with rock counter plus leather seats
See of the external from the inside of the house
Information on the packet walls

The bathroom can be comprised of stylish and contemporary elements, almost all in smooth colors.

Bathing room

From nightfall, the inside light of the home penetrates with the perforated wall space, giving the particular structure an extremely unique seem when noticed from the outside of the property.

Outside view arrive nightfall

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