Nobuo Araki Styles a Cement Home within the Kanagawa Prefecture

Located on the coastline of the Kanagawa prefecture, that is part of the Kantō Region for the island associated with Honshu, within Japan, and it is the most inhabited prefecture in the nation after Tokyo, this 2-storey holiday house is inlayed on the seaside slope in which the ocean as well as the rocks fulfill. The panoramic location is really a calm respite for the proprietor and his family members to escape to throughout the weekends plus holidays. The particular project has been completed simply by Nobuo Araki / the particular archetype.

The particular structure, made from concrete, appears impressive because it rises upward through the 3 ranges on the hillside and appears towards the ocean through the dense vegetation that will surrounds this, taking advantage of the great views from the location.

Nobuo Araki positions weekend house 01 Nobuo Araki Designs a Concrete Home in the Kanagawa Prefecture
Front side view of creating on the slope
Nobuo Araki positions weekend house 02 Nobuo Araki Designs a Concrete Home in the Kanagawa Prefecture
Entry where you observe the cement walls as well as the door within black
Sea watch from the great deal

The interior offers wide open areas that permit the air in order to flow, as well as the exterior is usually integrated into the inside so the sights and the refreshing sea atmosphere can be loved in an environment of ideal relaxation.

The beautiful refined wooden flooring contrast using the rustic cement walls that a wonderful impact.

The stairways, in a mixture of wood plus black steel, are bathed by sun light that seeps in via its open up space.

Inner surface stairs within wood
Spacious family room with hard wood floors plus concrete wall space


Family room with see of the ocean
Large and brilliant space along with stairs within the background

The bathroom, an additional example of the right combination of contemporary accessories using the rusticity from the surroundings, produces a perfectly well balanced space.

Restroom with contemporary fittings plus walls associated with concrete

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