NMD NOMADAS Style a Modern Home within Valencia, Venezuela

The main concept for the type of this house was to supply the building along with spaces that might be related to the outside in a immediate way in purchase to connect the particular inhabitants along with nature, rather than to turn the home into a good airtight package that would eliminate its reference to the exterior. All this, while furthermore respecting the particular natural comfort present in the majority of the surrounding surroundings.

It was created by the system firm NMD NOMADAS within 2016, includes 527 sq . meters, and it is located in Urbanización Guaparo, Valencia, Venezuela.

This particular construction, using a clear focus on the use of cement and cup, is encircled by thicker vegetation.

They have several cup walls, permitting the house to stay full of sun light for most associated with sunlight hrs and, simultaneously, manages for connecting the exterior with all the interior, producing an environment that is enjoyable to the detects.

Guaparo House 02 850x571 NMD NOMADAS Design a Contemporary Home in Valencia, Venezuela
Guaparo House 03 850x472 NMD NOMADAS Design a Contemporary Home in Valencia, Venezuela
Main entry. Concrete plus glass wall space
Close-up from the concrete wall space
Back garden along with terrace outfitted for relax


Internal backyards from exactly where we can see the inside
Pool area. Look at to the inside through the cup walls
Interior see from the pool
Pool area. See to the inner surface through the cup walls

Living room plus kitchen coexist in the exact same space, large and vivid, full of gentle and colour, and in which usually each part has a specific charm.

Living room, dining area and cooking area in the exact same space
View from the living room – dining room at night
Outdoor patio with eating area

At night, once the sun falls and the synthetic lights switch on, the image will be enchanting. The particular gardens, along with relaxation places such as a pool and landscapes, are full of light plus warmth, welcoming us to invest time along with family and friends.

Night look at of the pool area
Night see of the backyard

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