Ngunguru House By Tennent + Brown Architects

Tennent + Brown Architects made this residence for a family in Ngunguru, New Zealand.



Description from the architects:

The property for a family with 2 young boys is sited on a previously leveled hilltop in regenerating Northland bush. Gorgeous narrow coastal views among current trees generated an notion of the residence as a bush camp – a collection of single storey rooms along a central path with outdoor spaces amongst. The primary path through the collection of “huts” terminates in a pool.

Over sailing this central hall space is a draped second storey with latticed sides for shading and to unify the collection of types. The lattice operate casts dappled patterns throughout the day to capture a feeling of becoming under a tree canopy and is artificially lit from without to cast the same shadows at night.

The style seeks to take advantage of the warm northern climate with the exterior spaces among the types always supplying a variety of spaces to catch the sun and retreat from the sea breezes.

Passive solar, sustainable sourced materials, thermal mass, on web site wastewater disposal and water collection tanks are portion of the sustainable design principles utilised.

Architecture: Tennent + Brown Architects

Photography by Paul McCredie


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