Nautical Themed Residing Room Concept By Roche Bobois

sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-1.jpg Dressed by Jean Paul Gaultier in classically awesome Sailor collection fabrics, the Mah Jong modular sofa from Roche Bobois brings a nautical theme to your residing area. Boasting a informal blue, white and red motif of solids, stripes and spots, this sea-inspired fashion adds an air of carefree getaway to your each day. The informal fabrics complement the sofa’;s laissez-faire kind of reduced-profile, huge scale cushions that invite you to kick back and chill out. In the wake of Roche Bobois’; Couture Furniture, this modular style has different components which can be mixed to suit any room, large or tiny. Decide on from straight-back and corner-back cushions, or leave the back ashore and opt for some stand-alone seats that can do double-duty as extra surfaces. Mix these pieces into a single enormous sitting spot, or detach them for coordinating however separate seats all through your space. Upholstered in various versions of this nautical palette, the seem is cohesive but visually exciting. Check out out the Mah Jong modular sofa by visiting Roche Bobois.
sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-2.jpg sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-3.jpg sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-4.jpg sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-5.jpg sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-6.jpg sailor-mah-jong-modular-sofa-from-roche-bobois-7.jpg

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