MVRDV Architecture Styles a Home About an Olive Tree within Rotterdam, Holland

Could be home required for a modern design was designed by MVRDV Structures firm, and it is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The exterior is constructed of white stones, matching having a set of contemporary and basic windows. Nevertheless , its most fascinating aspect could be the connection to the particular backyard. Curled glass wall space border the bond between the lawn and the interpersonal areas of the house.

House around a Olive Tree 07 MVRDV Architecture Designs a Home Around an Olive Tree in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
White packet walls
House around a Olive Tree 02 850x1145 MVRDV Architecture Designs a Home Around an Olive Tree in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
View from the backyard, exactly where we can see the form of the cup walls around the woods

On a single side from the modern family room is a leisure space, which usually invites all of us to enjoy the region calmly.

Watch of the inner surface through the cup walls

The magnificent kitchen, required for a smart style, using a great number associated with storage choices, has apparent views from the garden with the glass wall space

Modern plus minimalist kitchen area made of wooden

An extended wall, protected in wood panels that will hide storage space spaces, stretches through the room between the kitchen area and the stairways. There, the door—camouflaged in to its environment—leads into a restroom.

The dark metal stairways lead to the 2nd floor, exactly where, once again, we discover exceedingly well-lit spaces.

Dark metal stairways that guide from one flooring to the next

On the other side from the curvature, a comprehensive area of bookshelves and research areas comprehensive the first floor’s space.

Indoor of the house


Watch of the sleeping rooms through the cup walls

A large terrace, which usually extends from side from the structure towards the other, links the residents with the outdoor through the marvelous cup walls. Additionally, in the indoor, we furthermore find ourself surrounded simply by ravishingly embellished bedrooms.

Night time view from the backside of the home

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