Multifunctional Space Made as a System for Younger Artists

This brand new multifunctional room transformed a clear building, positioned in the grounds of the old stitching factory that will operated within the Soviet period, into a good urban area. In it, they will created a system for younger and totally free artists to make, share, put into action, and implement new suggestions.

Exterior view from the block

The clever people at the rear of the idea had been the designers Giorgi Sakvarelidze and Devi Kituashvili, from the architectural company MUA. The particular project had been carried out within the 2017 and it has an area associated with 7600 sq . meters. It really is located in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Interior from the dining region with lengthy tables

Friendly area along with furniture

Corridor with cup walls

The concept of the particular Soviet style style will be maintained, however it is up-to-date both within and out there which makes it more appealing and fascinating. The space contains 3 unique building blocks, which usually form the rectangular-shaped courtyard.

FABRIKA Tbilisi is the room for socialization, inspiration plus collaboration, where one can implement brand new ideas, become familiar with artists plus their ar2rk, have fascinating conversations along with foreign tourists, and connect to free plus rebellious individuals.

It includes the following areas: art stores, studios, wedding rehearsal studios, distributed work areas, cafeterias plus bars, hostels, artists’ homes, galleries, as well as other public areas. The place might be a daily place to go for those who desire to create and promote, those who like freedom, and the ones who are available to new concepts and inspirations.

Pub area

Club area along with industrial decor

Modern stairways in radiant red

Stairways seen from your upper degree

Double area for lovers

Room along with double bed frames

Room along with bunk beds

Wonderful family room along with terrace

Great room with perform area

Bed room at night

Bed room at night

Big common restroom with lockers

Night look at of the structure

Exterior see

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