Modular Room Extensions Elevate This Contemporary Cabin in Norway

Exterior with infinity pool - contemporary cabin Norway Rever & Drage Architects completed the design of Cabin Straumsnes, a 1453-square-foot home located in Straumsnes, Tingvoll, Norway. The owners’; brief requested the conversion of a dilapidated 1950s building into a contemporary cabin that would open up to its surroundings.

The swimming pool and a new annex were set apart from the initial building. The new cabin, perched on a hillside, was built to feature modular rooms that extend outwards to capture views of the fjord.” The result is both a traditional shelter with a gabled roof, and at the same time a modernist complex of added units dominated by flat roofed modules,” the architects explained.
Exterior modular rooms - contemporary cabin Norway Surprises will greet you at every step. “The entrance has a somewhat seductive nature by being both inviting and at the same time secretive,” the architects added. “You are led towards an entrance by the curved path and by the roofs and volumes surrounding it. Still the entrance remains hidden.”

Extensive use of wood makes the interiors feel open and inviting. The living area with fireplace is encircled by floor-to-ceiling windows, which bring in an abundance of natural light. [Photography courtesy of Rever & Drage Architects]

Exterior path - contemporary cabin Norway Entrance pathway - contemporary cabin Norway Side exterior - contemporary cabin Norway Interior bedroom - contemporary cabin Norway Living room with fireplace - contemporary cabin Norway Interior bay window view - contemporary cabin Norway Exterior from afar - contemporary cabin Norway Floorplan - contemporary cabin Norway Blueprint front - contemporary cabin Norway Blueprint modular rooms - contemporary cabin Norway

What do you think of the modular rooms in this contemporary cabin?

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