Modest Brooklyn Apartment Remodel Will Bowl You Over

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Cobble Hill, a 675-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., was gutted and creatively transformed by Co Adaptive Architecture. The progressive renovation converted the corner apartment from a a single-bedroom to a 2-bedroom unit while even now permitting for an open-idea living area and kitchen.

The highlight of the little but efficient home is a custom sliding island made from a repurposed bowling alley floor. This multifunctional piece can be employed for foods prep or as a dining table for dinner parties.

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Exposed Brick

Apple boxes from New York were used for the upper cabinets, adding a useful and charming look to the kitchen. Authentic raw aspects of the apartment had been exposed and highlighted, which includes red brick walls in the residing room, incorporating the only genuine shade to an otherwise neutral-toned style.

Chic custom polished copper piping fixtures had been installed in each the kitchen and bathroom, revealing plumbing elements that are normally tucked behind the walls. These distinct style alternatives contribute to the contemporary and charming appeal of this renovated Brooklyn apartment. [Photography by Peter Dressel]

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