Modern Villa Surrounded by Mountains and Blue Skies

Brunhais House is a private residence designed by Rui Vieira Oliveira, a Portuguese architectural firm with offices in Guimarães, Portugal and Naples, Italy. It is located in Póvoa de Lanhoso, a parish of Brunhais, a small village surrounded by mountains and characterized by good weather and clear blue skies, itself located in the north of Portugal. The project was begun in 2011 and completed in 2016.

Modern villa in geometric shapes

The house is part of a set of 3 different projects belonging to 3 brothers. The intention was to create a structure that could host a couple and support the activity of the family business. The adaptation of the building to the slightly uneven terrain allows for 2 volumes to overlap, thus allowing the demarcation of these 2 separate functions. The white structure holds the living quarters, while the gray one is made of a natural stone, and denotes a more functional purpose.

Front view in concrete and white

Modern and elegant design

View of the hidden entrance between white walls

Rear view with the mountains at the far end

Walking area within the green grass

Internal garden with green grass

Details of the modern construction

/ Access door in glass

White interior with skylight

The interior of the buildings is stark white, which creates a strong contrast against the clear blue skies, as well as reflect the light of the strongly shining sun, easing the illumination of the entire structure. Clear glass walls allow this same light to flow into the interior, rendering artificial light virtually unnecessary.

White spaces full of natural light

External view from inside

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