Modern Restoration Los Feliz California

Modern Restoration Los Feliz California by Veneer. Yes I am double dipping this week as I was impressed with the work that Veneer is doing. Looks as though this house was a quick flip that didn’t quite measure up to the new owners taste. The kitchen was the first room that I was drawn to. The mixture of the walnut and white combined with a small touch of brass is striking. You barely get a look at the fireplace but it looks amazing. I like the master bedroom, mostly because of its size. Looking at the babies room they have their hands full.

Modern Restoration Los Feliz LosFeliz2 LosFeliz3 LosFeliz4 LosFeliz5 LosFeliz6 LosFeliz7 LosFeliz8 Modern Restoration Los Feliz LosFeliz10 LosFeliz11
Photography by the talented Amy Bartlam

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