Modern remodel in London by Brinkworth

This modern remodel in London by Brinkworth is a simple clean modern house, on the inside. I like houses that are old but are updated on the inside. This type of juxtaposition is not everyones taste but I like it. You can tell this person is into the skate scene. I don’t know that I could rock white walls floors and ceilings. I do think all of the white surfaces do help make the spaces feel larger. I do like the punches of color that are provided by the pieces of furniture. The use of wood found throughout provides some warmth, like the thick floating shelves.

“The extended kitchen/dining room has a clean simplicity, with plenty of built-in storage and great views into the garden through glazed timber doors which slide discreetly out of sight. Skylights above both the kitchen and dining area further enhance the natural light.”

Modern remodel in London Brinkworth2 Brinkworth3 Brinkworth4 Brinkworth5 Brinkworth6 Modern remodel in London Brinkworth8 Brinkworth9 Brinkworth10 Brinkworth11

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