Modern in Paris by Marion Collard

Modern in Paris would describe the interiors of this project by Marion Collard. Just look at all these amazing pieces. There are pieces from all over the world here. My eyes were instantly drawn to that Jorge Zalszupin Squeleton Sofa, good grief that thing is good. Then there is the Elda chair by Joe Colombo for Comfort which someday I would love to own. The true star of the show is that school of puffer fish by the fireplace lovingly design and put under glass. Really though if you have a few moments go take a look through Marion Collard’s work it will be worth your time.

Modern in Paris modparis2 modparis3 modparis4 modparis5 modparis6 modparis7 Modern in Paris modparis9 modparis10 modparis11

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