Modern and Cozy Family Home with Wonderful Views of the Mountains

This modern building is located on a wooded hill in the heart of Mutters, a small town high up in Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria. It was designed by the architectural firm ao-architekten with the help of its team of professionals Michael Felder, Gunnar Höss, and Ingo Parth.

The project covers an area of 272 square meters and was carried out in 2016. The special location of the place offers a clear view of the neighboring properties to the “Nordkette”, or northern chain of mountains in the Karwendel mountain range. The vast valley of Wipptal opens to the south, towards the Brenner Pass, which allows a large amount of sun to flow in throughout the day.

The ground floor is reserved for the 4 children. Each of the children’s rooms has direct access to the garden.

The rest of the spaces, such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and study, and the master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, have been located on the top floor.

The exterior of the house is marked by the sharp-edged roof made of silver fir, which rests completely on the independent polished concrete walls.

The materials used for the exterior are also found inside: polished concrete walls, silver fir ceiling, and interior oak floors and doors for a perfect balance of materials.

Details black metal railings

Stairs with concrete walls

Upper floor with terrace

Living room with glass walls

fireplace with sitting area

Modern white dining room

Modern dining-kitchen area in white

Social area connected to the terraces

Dining room – kitchen seen from the terrace

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