Minimal loft by Deborah Berke Partners

This minimal loft by Deborah Berke Partners is very much relevant today as it was designed almost 15 years ago. I first learned of Deborah Berke when I saw the Irwin Union Bank in Columbus, IN. These interiors have some amazing pieces in them and the placement a interaction to each other make for some beautiful compositions. That first picture says it all for me. The color and composition are so well balanced.

“Although this residence is on the 6th floor of an historic SoHo loft building, we designed it intentionally to bear no trace of its former industrial life. We planned this apartment around a large open room, concealing the columns in new volumes of wood or plaster.”

Mercer1 Minimal loft Mercer3 Mercer4 Mercer5 Mercer6 Mercer7 Minimal loft Mercer9

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