Middle Modern Home by Serge Castella

This middle of the modern home by Serge Castella is not really done in your own typical middle of the century decoration. The decorations have a very organic earthy sensation both in components and shades. The kitchen virtually blew the mind. Dont really think There are ever noticed a alleviation cut wooden backsplash just before. The kitchen seems like a giant dark of wooden which is fairly nice taking into consideration the rest of the decorations are white. The Angelo Lelli metal chandelier needs to be my favorite item in the house, We are a sucker for Italian language lighting. I might love to visit a photos that will gave viewpoint on how impactful the kitchen is really. Seeing an extended white hall with a wood room by the end would demonstrate that great.

Mid Modern House Serge Castella mid century modern natural modern castella5 castella6 castella7 castella8 castella9 castella10


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