Middle Century Design home simply by Struere

This middle century design home simply by Struere appears and seems the component. When I very first saw images of this house, I without a doubt thought it had been older yet turns out it had been a newer little house constructed on an current piece of property or home that currently had a house on it within Hollywood Hillsides. The small a single bedroom home feels bigger due to the courtyard and many huge floor in order to ceiling home windows. I always obtain excited after i see brand new construction that will looks like middle of the century structures. It gives me personally hope that will someday, even though I can not find a good MCM home to fix upward I could definitely build something which looks plus feels the particular part. Within picture 3 you get a glance of exactly what looks to function as the original construction that discuss the same great deal and through what I can easily see both styles play properly together.

Mid Century Style modern house Struere architecture modern Struere5 Struere6 Struere7 Struere8 Struere9

Photography simply by Jeff Ong of PostRAIN Productions
Found at The particular Contemporist

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