Mid Century in Toronto by Gardiner Cowan

This mid century in Toronto by Gardiner Cowan has a post and beam structure that demands some attention. Douglas Fir creates this artistic arrangement of lines or should we just call them beams. The cabinetry found throughout the house is mahogany. It feels as though no expense was skipped when the house was built. At almost 4k square feet the is certainly larger than average for its time. The surrounding lush landscape almost frames and cushions the house like the house is nesting or something. I don’t know if the house is still on the market but the site created for it is still up and well done. There are a lot more images to explore

Mid Century in Toronto eden2 eden3 eden4 Mid Century in Toronto eden6 eden7 eden8 eden9 eden10 eden11

Listing website for 31 Edenbrook Hill
Photos Robert Holowka – Birdhousemedia.ca

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