MEER Architekten Develop a Home Expansion in Countryside Bavaria

This task consists of a house extension in which a closed leisure area plus a private swimming pool were incorporated into the existing framework. This area is coupled to the house through stairs, plus it’s encircled on just about all sides simply by glass doorways, creating a clear and well-illuminated space that will still seems separate plus independent from your rest of the house. These doors could be left open up or shut, depending on the choices of the consumer. We’ll look for a series of chair surrounding this, creating a ideal spot in order to rest and revel in the landscapes. You can choose a swim or simply just sit with the poolside plus read an e book, the choice is certainly yours!

Created by MEER Architekten in 2016, it’s positioned in the countryside area of Ismaning, near Munich, Germany.

The particular extension’s design creates a ideal contrast using the main constructing in terms of style.

Complete watch of the house using the pool annex
Part view from the pool using the glass doorways closed
Diagonal watch of the swimming pool with the cup doors open up
Full view from the pool along with white drapes


The lovely gardens that will envelop the house contrast wonderfully with the construction, and set up a connection in-between the areas. The nature around it creates a good aura associated with relaxation.

Additionally , we’ll discover that the home posseses an additional degree below terrain. Through a cup window, we are able to observe the inner surface of the swimming pool, which mesmerizes us having a unique visual

Window see of the inside of the swimming pool
Indoor stairways that connect with the swimming pool area towards the main home

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