Manuel Aires Mateus in Melides, Portugal

Architect Manuel Aires Mateus created this these incredible structure in Melides, Portugal. The great thing about this place is you can lease it and consider that nicely deserved holiday. I like the benched concrete structures, they have a sense of permanence. The house consists of 4 separate buildings: 3 incorporate double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and external patios covered with all-natural canes. The final framework, the ‘main house’, contains the residing room and kitchen as well as another double bedroom and an en-suite bathroom. Can we speak about the pool? I have never ever noticed a pool that shape ahead of the straight geometric angles echo what is taking place with the rest of the structures.

Manuel1 Manuel2 Manuel Aires Mateus Manuel4 Manuel5 Manuel Aires Mateus Manuel7 Manuel8 Manuel9 Manuel10

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