Maison H + L Remodelling Combines 3 Modules As one Home

In this task, 2 homes were joined up with to form a bigger one. Situated in Biarritz, Italy, this redesigning was put in place by Patrice Gardera Builder in 2015.

It is positioned in an area of big vegetation, plus from the outside we are able to observe the mixture of elements in the different quests.

In the main block, we will find the leisure area that will consists of a pool with a comfy terrace that will delights the visitors.

Maison HL 01 850x567 Maison H + L Renovation Combines 3 Modules Into One Home
See of the obstructs that make up the home
Maison HL 02 850x566 Maison H + L Renovation Combines 3 Modules Into One Home
Entry through a wood fence
Internal lawn between the obstructs of the house
Close up. Cement walls
Swimming Pool region with patio and cement floors

When transferring from the patio to the home, through the glass doorways, we’ll look for a beautiful room decorated along with modern home furniture combined with additional rustic components that be noticeable on refined concrete flooring and wall space.

Entrance towards the house with the terrace.


Within the dining room plus lounge region we can see the modern design. A traditional, wooden desk with dark chairs constitute a very modern style. Over it, we will find dangling lamps on different levels.

In the family room, we’ll look for a series of racks with a old style touch. They will accompany a settee next to the concrete wall structure.

In the various spaces, you will see the taste for that art of these who reside there. Various ar2rks are usually displayed at the walls, providing color plus life towards the space.

The staircase, exactly where concrete had been again utilized, lead all of us to a 2nd level exactly where we’ll get the private locations.

Interior Watch. Modern dining area and cement stairs.

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