Log cabin for Skiing Lovers with the Most Popular Parts of Norway

In Sjusjøen, one of Norway’s most popular places for winter sports, this fantastic cabin is situated, has 133 square metres and the task was performed in 2017 by the structures firm Aslak Haanshuus Arkitekter. It is a quick and focused development of cabin rentals, tilted towards the west along with views from the Gudbrandsdalen area and solid winds from your north. This particular makes it vital that you try to defend yourself in the wind plus establish personal spaces close to the building.

View from the cabin bathed by white-colored snow

The log cabin is built along with prefabricated wood elements, noticeable on the internal walls plus ceiling. The particular walls as well as the exterior ceilings are protected with charred wood sections, which makes the particular cabin stick out in the whitened winter surroundings.

Look at of the external through the inner surface windows

Smart kitchen within black along with shelves

The plan is definitely solved inside a strict geometric concept. twelve identical triangles make up the form of the log cabin, and the amounts and inner surface rooms are usually organized inside the geometry. Together with the minimal information, this gives house a powerful and apparent presence. The particular continuous home windows connect all of the rooms using the view from the valley. The bigger windows are usually next to the covered patio, inside the kitchen area and the family room, and with the hall in which the rooms can be found.

Information on the kitchen within black plus gray

Inner corridor protected in light wooden

Room totally covered within wood

Outdoor view from the large home windows

View from the dark wooden cladding

Major facade made from dark wooden

Cottage encircled by dense snow

Log cabin in the snowfall

External see of the log cabin surrounded simply by windows

Watch of the shelter hidden within the snow

Evening view from the cabin over the snow-covered hillside

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