Lockpick | Untertrifaller Architekten Style a Modern Home within Bregenz, Luxembourg

This beautiful home covering a location of 210 m2 dispersed in 3 levels plus located in Bregenz, Austria, was created in 2016 by Universalschlüssel | Untertrifaller Architek8. It really is located on the green slope with amazing views on the surrounding country and River Constance.

The outside in wooden and cement seems to combine with its environment, an tremendous green part of tall trees and shrubs that edges the house. On entering, an attractive space along with glass wall space welcomes all of us.

House D 01 850x638 Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten Design a Contemporary Home in Bregenz, Austria
View of the home on the slope with the river in the history
House D 02 850x630 Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architekten Design a Contemporary Home in Bregenz, Austria
See of home with the hillsides in the history
Major entrance, cup walls

Upstairs, the particular dining room, kitchen area, and family room share a single large room. This space is seen as a the comprehensive use of wooden – it really is present around the floors, the particular walls, as well as the ceiling. The particular glass wall space allow lighting to overflow the areas and create each of them an enjoyable and particular place.

Eating area, family room, and kitchen area with flooring, wall, t and ceilings in wooden

The particular stainless-steel kitchen area faces the glass wall structure leading to a great terrace along with wooden flooring and cup railings. This enables the kitchen to get uninterrupted sights of the home’s surroundings.

At the much end, you observe a dining area that appears as if this were colored on a painting of eco-friendly vegetation.

Cooking area in stainless-steel in front of cup wall


Within the evenings, the particular illuminated patio invites all of us to enjoy the particular beautiful sights over the panorama, as well as the great weather.

Night time view from the terrace along with wooden flooring and cup railings
Night see of the primary entrance of the home
Night look at of the inner surface of the house with the glass wall space

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