Little Duplex within Poland Unveils Ingenious, Practical Layout

Poland-based Studio room 3XA finished the design of the small appartment building apartment within the lovely town of Wrocław, within the up-and-coming Nadodrze district. The particular 914 square-foot space is made up of a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom department that includes a workshop and a kitchen plus dining area.

This fashionable home displays a series of innovative storage units plus multi-purpose furnishings solutions which make it extremely versatile. A plywood stairway in the centre unveils a built-in refrigerator, dresser and little utility space. This way, all of the clutter within the living region can be simply removed from view.

A unified design the actual place extremely appealing. “ Elements had been deliberately held light plus neutral, along with white offering as the prominent color for your resin flooring, walls plus various furniture, ” the particular designers mentioned. “ Simpleness was outlined with the use of plywood that supplied a degree associated with warmth plus served being a uniting theme throughout the residence – useful yet ornamental. ”

The particular bold, dark lighting fixtures enhance the inconspicuous ceiling lighting, resulting in a versatile lighting system. A modern outside terrace increases the cozy really feel of this Shine duplex. Picture taking: Stanisław Zajączkowski




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