Lasting modular construction exposed within Milan, Italia

This really particular style, located in the town of Milan, Italy plus covering a place of fifty square metres, was created simply by SO-IL within the year 2017. Even from the distance, the present day structure appears striking plus attractive, welcoming us in order to approach plus admire this from close up.

A do it yourself metal construction comprises the fundamental framework of the house, and a versatile, light-permeable external skin associated with purifying material creates the particular boundary in between inside plus outside.

This consists of 4 levels. Top of the level includes a small patio where plant life were positioned, as it continues to be done in all of those other levels, to help keep the air refreshing and thoroughly clean in all areas.

The cellular structure could be unassembled in the desired period, and be set up elsewhere when it is needed.

The particular outer coating may be changed or modified at any time in order to adapt to modifications in our weather conditions.

This particular practical set up enhances environment awareness plus encourages the particular visitors to deal with our propensity to take sources for given.

Mini Living 01 850x567 Sustainable modular structure exposed in Milan, Italy
Modern framework seen externally
Mini Living 02 850x756 Sustainable modular structure exposed in Milan, Italy
Contemporary structure observed from the outside
Information on the decreased exterior from the structure


It has spin out of control metal stairways that increase through the framework, taking all of us through all of the levels with no interfering using the reduced room inside.

Steel spiral stairways
Metallic spiral stairways
Rest region

At night, the artificial lighting allow for the inside to show with the outer level to the outdoors.

Night look at from the outside
Evening view externally

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